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Family Camp Open

OPEN FOR BOOKINGS (closing date: 28th of May)

Photos from previous Family Camps can be found HERE


South Staffordshire College, Rodbaston Campus

Friday 16th July to Sunday 18th July 2021.

Camp Information

Despite lockdown and losing our usual venue, we are delighted that Family Camp 2021 will go ahead (unless the national lockdown rules stop us again!). 

Family Camp is one of the highlights of our year. It is an opportunity for everyone in the 7th Family to get together for a relaxing weekend of activities, conversation and fun. All the families of young people in the group are welcome. If you would like to know more please speak to any of the leaders or other parents. If you have questions please check out the Frequently Asked Questions or send an email to the Family Camp Team familycamp@7thlichfield.org.uk.


Family Camp has been a well oiled machine for the last few years, which has meant that we have been able to announce exactly what the available activities were long before the event. This year is going to be a bit different. We have lost our usual venue and we have had to organise everything from scratch. This means that we are still working on the activity program and it will probably be a mix of some externally provided activities and some activities that we run ourselves. It is like that the activity programme will not be 'timetabled' as it has been in previous years. But we will still have plenty for everyone to join in with and lots of time for socialising and spending time with friends, new and old.


We are still working on exactly what catering we can provide (you may notice a pattern here!). We are hoping that we will have caterers on site who will offer a choice of food throughout the weekend. If we manage to arrange this, we will publish the menu and prices in advance of the camp so that you know what to expect. We are also working on arrangement for an evening meal on Saturday to be included in the camp cost. The most likely option at the moment is that we will do our own Pig Roast or BBQ, as soon as we have finalised the arrangements we will let everyone know. There is also a small cafe on site that will be open during the weekend selling tea and cakes and there is a supermarket and Greggs just a few minutes down the road.

 Toilets and Showers

We will have access to proper toilets. However, there are not many, so we may need to hire additional Porta-loos depending on the number of families that book. The site has no showers. We are looking into the possibility of hiring a portable shower block, but this is looking like it might be too expensive. But we are only 20 minutes away from Lichfield (on the Toll Road) - so if having a shower in the morning is a show-stopper for you, you can always pop home.


Everyone attending Family Camp, who is over 18, must have a current Scout Association DBS. This is a legal requirement and we have no discretion. If you do not have a current Scout Association DBS we will contact you after you have completed your booking to arrange for the DBS process to start. You must respond to this immediately to instigate the DBS process. Please note, you must have a Scout Association DBS, a DBS issued by any other organisation is not sufficient. This is not our choice, it is a legal requirement. Please cooperate with our volunteers when they contact you and please prioritise responding to emails. We have over 300 people coming to Family Camp and it is a major commitment from our volunteers to ensure that all the DBS paperwork is done in good time. They do not have the time to chase people who do not respond to emails or who fail to attend DBS sessions. It is regrettable that if we are not able to submit your DBS paperwork in time to get a response before Family Camp you will not be able to attend and we will not be able to offer a refund.

You can find details of the DBS process and the documents that will be required in the 7th Lichield DBS Process.

Please forgive the emphasis on the detail of this process. I am afraid that every year we spend a disproportionate amount of time on a small number of adults who do not actively engage with us in processing their DBS checks. It can be very disappointing for everyone if a family is not able to attend Family Camp because we have not received a DBS check back in time. Thank you for your understanding.

Join the Team

Attending Family Camp is great. But being part of the team is even better! Why not be a part of the planning, organisation and execution of this great weekend? We are always looking for motivated and enthusiastic people to get involved. May be you could help with promotion or with camp setup or maybe you have IT skills and could help with the timetabling or booking system. It really is more fun if you are part of the team. Just send us an email if you think you could help or you are just curious to find out more:  familycamp@7thlichfield.org.uk.


Booking for 2021 is now OPEN.

The booking system is a little complicated. Please read the following instructions before you fill in the booking form.

Booking Instructions

1. Fill in the booking form below with a contact email address and the number of adults, children and infants that will be in your party.

2. Click on the "Go to PayPal checkout" button and follow the Pay Pal instructions to pay for your booking.

3. Once the payment has been made you will be sent two emails. One email will be a confirmation of the payment from PayPal. The second email will contain a link to your Camp Registration Form.

4. Click on the Camp Registration Form link in the email and fill in all of the requested details for the members of your party.

5. Once you have submitted your registration form you will be sent a confirmation email

6. Finally, a few weeks before camp you will be emailed final details of the camp arrangements. 

Please note that it is really important that the email address is correct and that you use the same email address on both the payment form below and on the Camp Registration Form. We will use the email address to tie together your payment and your registration.

Booking Form - Closing date: 28th of May 2021


Email Address:
Number of Adult Campers - £28.50:
Number of Children (aged 5 to 17) - £28.50:
Number of Infants (aged under 5) - Free: