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Family Camp Open


Photos from Family Camp 2017 can be found HERE


Shugborough Friday 7th June to Sunday 9th June.

Camp Information

As you may know an intrepid team of organisers have been working behind the scenes to bring you Family Camp 2019.

Family Camp is one of the highlights of our year. It is an opportunity for everyone in the 7th Family to get together for a relaxing weekend of activities, conversation and fun. All families of young people in the group are welcome. If you would like to know more please speak to any of the leaders or other parents. If you have questions please check out the Frequently Asked Questions or send an email to the Family Camp Team familycamp@7thlichfield.org.uk.

Join the Team

Attending Family Camp is great. But being part of the team is even better! Why not be a part of the planning, organisation and execution of this great weekend? We are always looking for motivated and enthusiastic people to get involved. May be you could help with promotion or with camp setup or maybe you have IT skills and could help with the timetabling or booking system. It really is more fun if you are part of the team. Just send us an email if you think you could help or you are just curious to find out more:  familycamp@7thlichfield.org.uk.

Booking for 2019 are now OPEN.

The booking system is a little complicated. Please read the following instructions before you fill in the booking form.

Booking Instructions

1. Fill in the booking form below with a contact email address and the number of adults, children and infants that will be in your party.

2. Click on the "Go to PayPal checkout" button and follow the Pay Pal instructions to pay for your booking.

3. Once the payment has been made you will be sent two emails. One email will be a confirmation of the payment from PayPal. The second email will contain a link to your Camp Registration Form.

4. Click on the Camp Registration Form link in the email and fill in all of the requested details for the members of your party.

5. Once you have submitted your registration form you will be sent a confirmation email

6. Finally, a few weeks before camp you will be emailed final details of the camp arrangements. 

Please note that it is really important that the email address is correct and that you use the same email address on both the payment form below and on the Camp Registration Form. We will use the email address to tie together your payment and your registration.

Booking Form - Closing date: 12th of April 2019

Email Address:
Number of Adult Campers - £28.50:
Number of Children (aged 5 to 17) - £28.50:
Number of Infants (aged under 5) - Free:



Entrust have once again agreed to take direct bookings for yurts. They have seven Yurts which they are currently refurbishing, reinstalling wood burning stoves and bunk beds and/or futons.

If you would like to book this accommodation, then please get in contact with Entrust directly for details of pricing, the level of accommodation and availability on 0300 111 8030.

Please note that this will be a transaction between yourselves and Entrust, 7th Lichfield Scout Group cannot take any responsibility for Entrust’s failure to deliver any services booked via this route. Any issues or queries must be directed to Entrust themselves and not to the 7th Lichfield Scout Group.

This will be an additional cost to the per person cost for your group.